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2013 - 2015 Being Two (DfE)



‘The 2 year old offer will only have the desired impact if it is matched by high quality experiences with sensitive, skilled, committed and well- qualified staff’ (Nutbrown Review 2012)


The Being Two project was designed to promote exemplary early education and childcare for two year olds on the national scale. By establishing a network of Associate Centres across the country,  those involved aimed to enhance practice working with two years olds, as well as deepening parental involvement in their two year old's learning.  


Funded by the Department for Education (DfE), Being Two built on the Pen Green Early Years Teaching Centres model to develop a network of associated centres and collaborative local learning networks. This approach involved the whole staff team in each linked setting working together to improve outcomes for two year old children. Overall, participants aimed to improve the quality of experiences in settings for two year olds and their families, and to support better outcomes for the most disadvantaged children.

What's Special about Being Two?


'Increasing mobility is the central factor in the child’s developing abilities in their second year of life. The newly acquired skill in moving is practised ceaselessly throughout the waking day’


People who are two move faster and further than ever before and their brains grow more rapidly than they ever will again. As they learn to communicate, speak, and express themselves more clearly, millions of neural connections are being formed.


Because of their rapid physical and mental development, being two is a period of incredible change. Two year olds are active explorers and learners, discoverers and creative thinkers. They have an infinite capacity for delight – and at the same time, can become frustrated and fearful if they are not understood, or don’t feel safe.


As practitioners, our role is to create exciting, safe spaces where two year olds can explore, actively learn, think creatively and make new connections. The  focus of this project was to improve the quality of experiences for two year olds  in early years settings.


The University of the Integrated Early Years Workforce. Supporting professionals to develop high quality practice and best outcomes for all children.