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Making Children’s Learning Visible


What is it?


The Making Children’s Learning Visible Project for staff in early childhood teams, draws on the work of Tobin et al (Preschool in Three Cultures, Yale University Press, 1989) and uses group video reflection on pedagogy. This includes a detailed analysis of each team’s own pedagogy together with a rigorous and systematic assessment process for making children’s progress visible. It is aimed specifically at improving outcomes for the most vulnerable children and thereby narrowing the gap between the better off and the most disadvantaged.


There are four strands to the project:


  • Image of the child : staff teams construct their ‘Image of the Child’ through dialogue and discussion on their aspirations for children in their setting, For example, ‘a curious child, a child with resilience…’  What do they most value and want to support in children’s development and learning?


  • Pedagogical reflection through video : staff teams reflect on video clips and discuss which aspects of their ‘Image of the Child’ can be observed in their practice, thinking about every child in their setting and think about how their ‘Image of the Child’ can be promoted for all children.


  • Pedagogical reflection through peer observations: staff teams observe each other in (buddy) pairs and use a framework (e.g. Pen Green pedagogic strategies) to analyse their pedagogy and their pedagogical interventions.


  • Assessment data collection and analysis:  drawing from rich qualitative formative assessment data detailing children’s learning and development over time with parents, early childhood workers make a summative professional assessment judgment against Early Years Outcomes in each aspect in each area of learning within the EYFS at three points in the year (Sept/Oct, Jan/Feb, May/June). Workers decide whether the child is emerging (E) developing (D) or confident  (C) in a given age band for each aspect irrespective of chronological age. The MCLV software produces graphs which can be discussed with parents and with colleagues at transition


The University of the Integrated Early Years Workforce. Supporting professionals to develop high quality practice and best outcomes for all children.