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Short Courses

Courses developed to deepen practitioner understanding of children, parents and settings.


Shared Challenges, Joint Solutions

We believe that practitioner research is not about seeking ‘universal truths’ but is more concerned with robust reasoning, enquiry, insights that inspire and evidence that encourages (Fletcher, 2008). Our short courses have emerged from practice issues and research projects in our own children’s centre, nursery school and early years provision. With this knowledge, and through contact with students and other settings, we have identified shared challenges and common problems facing early years practitioners. The courses below have been developed with these challenges in mind and each course is designed for participants to gain knowledge, be inspired, and to leave feeling empowered to take action in their own settings.


Our Approach

Experiential learning is the process of learning through your own experience. By facilitating this reflective approach to learning, participants will have the opportunity to consider their own values and beliefs in relation to their practice, children and families, and their colleagues and leadership.


Our Courses

Bespoke Training


We also offer bespoke training to settings, organisations and local authorities. Previous topics have included:


  • Supervision and Support
  • System Leadership
  • Growing Together: More than a Stay and Play
  • Group Dynamics: Working as a Team
  • Observation, Assessment and Documentation
  • Children’s Centre Evaluation and Self Review


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