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Supervision and Support

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Committed practitioners involved in intensive work with children and families can feel anxious, discouraged or overwhelmed, lose confidence and perspective, feel threatened and unable to cope with the demands of their jobs – and may behave destructively.


Even when things are going well, there is a need to step away from day-to-day demands and review and reflect on practice.


Supervision training can help combat these issues, and is essential for all practitioners who lead and support staff members, students or volunteers.

Outcomes for Staff

Effective supervision will:

  • Develop positive and cooperative relationships between management, leaders, staff, students and volunteers, and promotes best practice.
  • Develop confidence, and increase skills, insight and courage when working with children, parents and communities
  • Reduce stress related absences, and increase confidence in dealing with complex safeguarding and other dilemmas
  • Ensure organisational and staff accountability and development, therefore promoting reflective, creative, ethical and safe practice.


Learning Outcomes

  • Clarification of supervision experiences, practice and needs
  • Development or adaptation of supervision policies and procedures to meet your setting’s needs
  • Understanding the integration of performance management, appraisal and supervision processes
  • Greater authority and authenticity in your role as a supervisor
  • Strategies and skills in supervision within and across disciplines
  • Commitment to your own and others’ support and development

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